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3 Thoughts That Keep you From Being Organized

As I’ve been working with women for the last 15 years to help them get organized, there have been 3 specific statements that stop organization dead in its tracks.  We all say these things, but the next time one starts to come into your mind or out of your mouth…catch yourself! Replacing these limiting statements with catchy, empowering ones really can give you the boost


Kick the Clutter

Hey everyone, I have some great news! (Drum roll….) Keeping your house clean doesn’t have to be hard! It can be easy – IF – you can leverage the power of habits.  Your brain LOVES habits. Why? Because they don’t want to have to think too hard. So if we can lay the groundwork for a few strategic and powerful habits, our brains will begin


Organize Your Life during the Corona Virus

You may have heard me say this before… Organizing is more than just containers and labels. It’s about eliminating clutter, such as negative emotions and wasted time, and being intentional about what we want to experience. Why is this important right now? Because we all have a choice about how we are going to experience this Corona Virus pandemic. And like always, getting organized is


Organize Paper Clutter

  A simple system to keep your counters clear  One of the most central parts of my paper organizing system is called an “action file.”  An action file is a separate desktop file, kept in a convenient and commonly used area, that helps you organize those important papers that need some action taken.  For example:     Bills that need to be paid    


More of My Favorite Container Store Containers

This post is going to be a real gem for anyone who walks into the Container Store, looks around, gets overwhelmed, and walks right back out without buying anything. Knowing what container goes best in which space can be a real turn off when it comes to organizing. In past posts I have shared some of my most common favorite containers, such as the Multi-Purpose


5 Habits of Organized People

    Sometimes habits get a bad rap. We blame procrastination, overeating, or texting while driving on HABITS. It’s true, habits can work against us. But we are really missing out if we only look at the negative side of habits. While bad habits seem to back us into a corner where we don’t want to be, good habits can open up the way for

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