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More of My Favorite Container Store Containers

This post is going to be a real gem for anyone who walks into the Container Store, looks around, gets overwhelmed, and walks right back out without buying anything. Knowing what container goes best in which space can be a real turn off when it comes to organizing. In past posts I have shared some of my most common favorite containers, such as the Multi-Purpose


5 Habits of Organized People

    Sometimes habits get a bad rap. We blame procrastination, overeating, or texting while driving on HABITS. It’s true, habits can work against us. But we are really missing out if we only look at the negative side of habits. While bad habits seem to back us into a corner where we don’t want to be, good habits can open up the way for


Get Rid of the Clutter!

If I could sum up a single word the number one thing that my followers hate…it would be CLUTTER. The messy countertops, the junky drawers, the stuff that seems to multiply overnight. It never ends! So the million dollar question is: How do I get rid of the clutter? Today on Fresh Living I shared 3 tips to help you get a quick handle on


Organize Your Kids’ School Papers

  It’s that time of year. Our energy is fresh and ambition is high as we shop for school supplies, establish a bedtime routine, and recommit to reading with the kids every night. With all that fresh motivation, let’s make sure we are establishing a plan for how to organize all the kids’ school papers. If we don’t do it now, soon the backpacks full


Organize Your Kids’ Stuff

It’s one thing to get yourself organized… It’s an entirely different challenge to organize your kids! And while organizing ourselves isn’t always a piece of cake, at least we have control over what’s happening in the kitchen, bathrooms, and other main living spaces. But when it comes to the toy room or the kids’ bedrooms, the clutter can add up fast, and it can be


Summer Hacks for Moms

Calling all Moms… Kids getting bored? Feeling mom guilt that sometimes you wish the kids were back in school? Wondering if you should make the kids read and do worksheets during the summer? Do you create summer bucket lists but don’t usually get to them? Not sure what to do with the teenagers that want to stay out late every night, sleep in every morning,

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