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Back to School Tips

Well, like everything else in 2020, going back to school is probably a little different for you this year. Some are going back to school wearing masks; Some are staying home and learning online; And some are doing a hybrid of the two. Among other lessons in 2020, one thing I am definitely learning is how to be flexible and adapt as I try to


Organize Your Photos

Remember the old days? When you had to pack your camera around to take pictures? We thought we photo organizing issues back then!!! Now that our camera is a feature of the smart phone we keep with us at all times, research shows that on average we are taking over 20 pictures a day. What does that mean? It means our photos are fast becoming


Give Your Closet an Organizing Facelift

We all want a beautiful closet full of clothes we love to wear… It’s just not always easy to make the time to organize it. If you have the time, it’s always best to empty out your closet completely and do the job the right away so it will really last. See THIS post to give you the steps to organize your closet the way


3 Thoughts That Keep you From Being Organized

As I’ve been working with women for the last 15 years to help them get organized, there have been 3 specific statements that stop organization dead in its tracks.  We all say these things, but the next time one starts to come into your mind or out of your mouth…catch yourself! Replacing these limiting statements with catchy, empowering ones really can give you the boost


Kick the Clutter

Hey everyone, I have some great news! (Drum roll….) Keeping your house clean doesn’t have to be hard! It can be easy – IF – you can leverage the power of habits.  Your brain LOVES habits. Why? Because they don’t want to have to think too hard. So if we can lay the groundwork for a few strategic and powerful habits, our brains will begin


Organize Your Life during the Corona Virus

You may have heard me say this before… Organizing is more than just containers and labels. It’s about eliminating clutter, such as negative emotions and wasted time, and being intentional about what we want to experience. Why is this important right now? Because we all have a choice about how we are going to experience this Corona Virus pandemic. And like always, getting organized is

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