Calling all Moms!

Let me guess. Sometimes you start feeling...

  • GRATEFUL for your family but also BEWILDERED about how to address all the challenges?
  • OPTIMISTIC about what you can accomplish and then OVERWHELMED by all there is to do?
  • GUILT for not doing it right but HOPE you can learn to do it better?

If so, you are in good company! Take a look at the those "angels" in that picture up there...we've got to have our "A" game on or we're going to lost control fast!

For four years, The Mom Conference has been an online resource for a vast array of parenting challenges. Sibling rivalry, discipline, organization, balance and fulfillment - these are answers we are all seeking.

But great news...

At the Mom Conference, you can get these answers for FREE - right from your own home!

October 17-19.

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Here's a sample of what you'll learn at The Mom Conference

  • Get out of the cycle of yelling, nagging, and reminding to get your kids to listen
  • Manage sibling rivalry so you know when to step in and when to let your kids work it out
  • Set up routines so you can have time for what’s most important to you
  • Keep your kids safe online
  • Effectively manage depression and anxiety
  • Learn the best of the best mom hacks
  • Live a more intentional and joyful life (and teach your children to do the same)
  • Keep the spark alive in your marriage!

Because this conference has inspired and uplifted me as a mother, I am proud to be a speaker in this year's Mom Conference, speaking about my favorite topic: Get Stuff Done!

I'll be teaching you how to

  • Keep up with life demands
  • Stop running from one fire to the next
  • Find time for projects
  • Make time for what matters most

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Be sure to join me on Thursday, October 19 for this FREE presentation!