Ready to make filing easy and quick?
FreedomFiler is the ONLY filing system that helps you find what you need AND is maintenance free!
  •  No more cleaning out or reorganizing files
  •  No need to make new files every year
  •  Instantly find what you need at tax time, year after year
  •  Current policies, agreements and other legal files will be at your finger tips
  • ​Centralize all your personal, family and property records
How does FreedomFiler do this?
A color-coded system tells you what to do with your paper.

That means you’ll know exactly where to file paper, how to find it, and when to toss it.
(*Note that the kit includes sticker inserts and instruction only. You must supply additional filing supplies.)
How has FreedomFiler helped Happy Gal clients?
Jana Y.
I love the freedom filer system! I started using it many years ago and once it was in place I’ve never had the stress organizing papers can bring. Even my husband loves being able to find the things he needs so quickly in our files. 

This system has given me peace and extra time, as I am free to focus on other things.
Melissa L.
It’s been amazing to be able to go through and just toss the 2 year old stuff and not have to go through each file individually. It’s also really helped me manage my reimbursements. 

Keeping track of those take a lot of work and keeping them all in a file on my desktop has made things so much easier! 
But let me make it EVEN EASIER for you to get started!
When I got my FreedomFiler kit, I was so excited! 

Once I opened the kit, however, I was quickly overwhelmed and didn’t know how to start. It sat on my desk for weeks. 

Finally I had a training session, and that’s all it took! One session, and I was filing away.
I don’t want this amazing kit to sit on your desk for days or weeks or maybe even months.

I want you to feel the freedom of filing without any stress or dread TODAY.

If you know that FreedomFiler is the answer for you, don’t get stuck trying to figure it out on your own. Let me show you how to make this work for you!
My 90-min FreedomFiler Training will show you:
  •  Exactly where and how to get started. Skip the guesswork.
  •  All the additional supplies you’ll need, so you can avoid surprise trips to the store.
  •  Shortcuts for creating the system. This alone will save you TONS of time!
  •  Strategies to accommodate your personal needs because we know that one-size-fits-all systems often don't work.
Get the
Only $99
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Good News!
The starting rate for me to personally implement this system for a client is $350. That’s why I am so excited to have this online training to offer you. 

Now you can get your filing under control for under $100!
(FreedomFiler kit + training.)
Lisa G.
 Well over a year ago I learned about a fabulous filing system appropriately named the "Freedom Filer." I needed Freedom from my very unorganized filing system so I ordered it immediately. 

A week later and a very unsuccessful day of YouTube searching, I discovered that, though the Freedom Filer is an excellent system, setting it up is not self-explanatory. Step in Jenny Layton. 

Watching one of her presentations on organizing she briefly mentioned the Freedom Filer system and that she had an instructional tutorial that could help me set it up in no time flat! I have never ordered an item so quickly in my life. 

I suspect that if I had not purchased Jenny's instructional video my Freedom Filer would still be sadly lost in my previous mess. Thankfully, after watching Jenny's video, I was able to set up all of my files without needing to refer to their instructions again or any other supplemental information. 

I am almost 2 years into Freedom Filer and would not dream of going back to any other system. Every piece of important paper is at my fingertips and can be found by anyone in my family in a matter of minutes. 

Jenny's extra tips in the video, such as how to easily apply the file labels, prevented me from other headaches I was not even aware I might run into. I now love my Freedom Filer and enjoy knowing that I will never lose control of my paper organization again!
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