Organize Your Paper
When it comes to organizing paper, here is what my clients say:
“I need to get my paper under control!”
“I’m tired of stacks and stacks of paper!”
“Papers…so many papers!”
Research tells us our household paper has doubled in the last 25 years
 and quadrupled from 50 years ago!
It’s no wonder we are drowning in it. 
  • ​If you clear up the papers, just to find the counter or your desk fill right back up with them...
  • ​If you're tired of searching for receipts or homework or other important documents...
  • If you aren't sure what you're supposed to keep and what you can throw away...

Then it’s time to learn 
how to 
organize your 

This 60-minute training will teach you how to get control of your paper:
  • Where to put it
  • How to find it
  • When to toss it
Best of all, it will give you a simple solution to that stack of papers that seems to multiply overnight on your desk or counter.

Get the
Organize Your Paper 
Only $69
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Read what these 
raving fans have to say...
 Working with Jenny has been a life changing experience. I know it sounds dramatic, but learning how to deal with my paper really did change my life! 

I went from huge piles of paper, all over the house, to a clean, organized system. No more piles! 

—Sarah G
 Jenny is the paper whisperer! She took my paper piles and kicked them to the moon. 

It took some time to figure out what worked best for me, but we worked out the kinks. Now I have gone from the paper grinch to the paper genie.

Organize Your Paper makes it so easy, you’ll wonder why you never thought of doing it this way before!

Learn the three-step system that gives your paper a home from the moment it enters the door. 
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