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New Year’s Resolutions are around the corner, and I bet I can guess what is on your list. Anyone feeling like this is the year to get more organized? Statistically, getting organized is the second most popular resolution, second only to losing weight. Set yourself up for success by following these three tips for goal setting.
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1. Set a specific goal.
Don’t just say “This year I’m going to get more organized.” Your brain hears that and laughs out loud. “Just how, exactly, do you think we are going to pull that off?” it seems to ask. Instead, be specific. Ask yourself which areas of your home or life would benefit most from a little organization. And then write your resolution with detail. For example, “This year I am going to organize my kitchen,” or “This year I am going to get my filing system more organized,” or “I’d like to better organize my time.”  Now that’s something your brain can work with!
2. Post your goals where you can see them.
Write your goals down, and the likelihood of achieving them will go way up. Post those goals where you can see them every day, and read them first thing in the morning, and right before you go to bed.  This repetition and frequent exposure will work wonders. Before you know it, you will see the accomplishment of your goals slip into the natural flow of your life. You might find yourself cleaning out a closet or clearing clutter without giving it a second thought.
3. Review your goals and MAKE A PLAN!
You guys. This is a no-fail formula here! Are you serious about getting organized? Here’s the big secret.  Review your goals each week, and assign yourself specific action items for the upcoming week. You can even assign those action items to certain days. This helps you break down a large, intimidating project into manageable chunks. For example, if your goal is to organize your storage room, commit to working on a shelf a week, or maybe just going through old baby bins. Eating the elephant a bite a time, and feeling the satisfaction of following through on your own action plan, will be extremely rewarding. And better yet, you will feel motivated to see your organizing project through to completion.
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